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ELANCYL Slim Massage Gel for Anti-Cellulitis Massage 200ml & Special Slimming Device

ELANCYL Slim Massage Gel for Anti-Cellulitis Massage 200ml & Special Slimming Device

Code: 48354
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ELANCYL Slim Massage- Slimming Glove & Slimming Concentrate Gel 

Inspired by the "palper-roller" massage movements and with the recognized effectiveness against cellulite, the slimming method of ELANCYL laboratories is unique. The combination of the innovative and patented SLIM MASSAGE massager and CONCENTRE MINCEUR revolutionizes the fight against cellulite:

  • Activation of anti-cellulite action [SLIM MASSAGE].

  • Maximum physiological decongestion [Ivy + massage].

  • Lipid release [Caffeine]*.

Properly prepared, the skin is ready to receive anti-cellulite care from ELANCYL laboratories.

*Test in vintro

Effectiveness in slimming from the 7th day(1). Significant reduction in the circumference of the thighs. Sculpting effectiveness from day 14. Significant reduction in buns(2).Reduction of sagging skin on hands(3).Clinically proven anti-cellulite effectiveness from day 14.Cellulite clinical trial analysis(4).Significant reduction of deep orange peel appearance, from on the 14th day(5).

(1) Centimeter measurements – Clinical study performed on 51 women, aged 25-45.

(2) Organometric studies - Clinical study, performed on 50 women, aged 25-45 years. (

3) Studies with organometry at the level of the hands – Clinical study, carried out in 49 women, aged 25-45 years. (

4) Clinical trials - Clinical study, carried out on 50 women, aged 25-45 years.

(5) Organometric studies - Clinical study, performed on 50 women, aged 25-45 years.


To fight cellulite and reshape the silhouette



Packing: 200ml + Massage device

EAN: 3282770107692

Water (Aqua). Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Lauryl Betaine. Sodium Chloride. Decyl Glucoside. Fragrance (Parfum). Caffeine. Alcohol. Ascorbyl Palmitate. Ceteareth-60 Myristyl Glycol. Citral. Citric Acid. Coco-Glucoside. Geraniol. Glyceryl Oleate. Green 3 (Cl 42053). Hedera Helix (Ivy) Extract (Hedera Helix Extract). Hexyl Cinnamal. Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate. Lecithin. Linalool. Salicylic Acid. Sodium Benzoate. Tocopherol. Yellow 5 (Cl 19140).

Slim Massage is used during the shower following the professional massage method specially designed by a physiotherapist.

Fill the container of the massage device with the slimming concentrate gel.
The slim Gel Concentrate is diffused through the holes of the device and thanks to the massage rollers, the process of palpating and rolling the skin is achieved.

Areas: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms.
Rinse in case of contact with eyes. Dermatologically tested.

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